Sheffieldese and how to speak it.

Like most places, Sheffield has it's own language which is not always readily understood by visitors. This page will introduce you to the basics and hopefully make your visit to Sheffield more enjoyable. Any locals reading this page who want to make a contribution, then please feel free to do so. Email me at .......

Are we sitting comfortably?...............then let's begin..............

As a general rule, words are spoken as though joined together, as in ...........othagooinarttunneet...........are you going out tonight, but i've split things up a bit, in order to make things a little easier to understand.

1. Greetings

Nathen thee, artha gooin on?
Now then, how are you getting on?

Otha oreit?
Are you allright?

Eyup, Fred.......owarda?
Hello, are you?

A typical response to any of these greetings would be.............

Amoreit..........arrthar? (or arrtha gerrinon?)
I'm are you? (or how are you getting on?)

2. Goodbyes

I'll see you.

Alsithi t'neet.
I'll see you tonight.

3. Arranging meetings

Otha gooin art t'neet?
Are you going out tonight?

Arr, am gooin tut boozer. Otharr?
Yes, I'm going to the pub. Are you?

Arr, ayam......alsithi uttbar abart 8 aclock.
Yes, I am.....I'll see you at the bar about 8 o'clock.

Reit, burrif thar getsin afforme, gerrus a pint in willtha?
Alright, but if you get there before I do, will you get me a pint, please?

4. Transport and travel

Nathen, mate, weers tramstop?
Excuse me, my good chap, can you tell me where the nearest tram stop is?

Just darnt rooadd abit nrarned tcorner.
Just go down the road and around the next corner.

Amma gooin reit rooadd f'Medderall?
Am I going the right way to get to Meadowhall?

Arr, thatorreit, it'll tekthi streit theer.
Yes, don't worry about it, it will take you straight there.

Thaz gorra reit rustbukket theer.
I don't think that car is roadworthy.

Gee'ers alift.
Can you give me a ride.

We'eravin a fortneet in Skeggie.
We are taking our two weeks summer holiday in Skegness.

5. Body parts

Thattarreit bigeead, thee.
I think you are a big head.

Otha deff, getthi earoils weshed art.
Are you deaf, I think you need to wash your ears out.

Nooers.....nose (sometimes 'wilk')
Stop pikkin thi nooers (wilk).
Stop picking your nose.

Shut thi gob afoora shuttit fothi.
Please stop talking.

Mi soks gorroil init, acan see mi tooers pokin art.
My sock has a hole in it and I can see my toes sticking out.

More to follow soon.